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Our Story

At Cedar & Myrrh, we strive to bring serenity and brilliance to the world. We believe that true beauty is derived from how we feel. We have created a full line of natural, sustainable wellbeing products and designed bespoke rituals to help you achieve outer beauty and inner peace. Our wide selection of holistic products and their accompanying rituals set the perfect tone for a healthier lifestyle. We mindfully select products that are ethically made and free of harmful synthetic ingredients to guarantee a clean, healthy environment and a more glowing you.

With over a decade of international industry experience in beauty, wellness, skincare formulation and aromatherapy, Cedar & Myrrh founder, Misun Delmon, is dedicated to providing natural products and high-quality experiences that make you feel as radiant as you look. Feel beautiful, live healthy, and practice mental happiness with Cedar & Myrrh.

Our Vision

We are committed to the development of a distinguished holistic brand that benefits our customers through non-toxic, sustainable products. Let our business motivate you to practice a life of wellness that nurtures your beauty while preserving the planet.

Our Mission

Our natural, non-toxic, holistic products are designed to deliver results and support complete body and mind wellness. Every day we are inspired to provide our customers with enriching experiences through our tailored rituals, which encourage a healthier lifestyle and a happier, more radiant being.