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How to Hold a Tea Ceremony as an Act of Self-Care

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Most of us could use a bit more slowness and self-care in our everyday lives. Tea ceremonies, in particular, make the perfect slow ritual to ease your mind and give yourself the gift of an intentional cup of tea.

If you’re ready to bring a tea ceremony into your own day, use the steps below to get started, and lean on your intuition to know what’s best for your own tea practice. 

Choose Your Tea and Tea Strainer

Before you can hold a tea ceremony, you’ll need the materials you’ll use during the process. In this case, you’ll need to choose which tea you’ll be steeping and find a tea strainer to aid in the process. Our Natural Leaf Shape Tea Strainers are the perfect choice if you’re hoping to infuse an extra dose of the natural world into your process. (They also make a great tea gift!) 

In terms of the tea itself, any loose tea choice will work as long as you’ll enjoy making it and drinking it. The simple act of savoring your tea once it’s steeped will connect you more deeply to this practice. 

Set Your Phone Aside

When you begin your tea ceremony, you may feel inclined to put your phone away, turn it off, or just set it to the side until you’re finished. Your beautiful tea ritual deserves your full attention and presence, and you’ll diminish the experience if you’re documenting it on your phone or checking your notifications while the tea steeps. 

For the most soothing experience, choose where you’ll set your phone before you begin, and leave it there until you’ve finished your tea. You’ll likely find that you start to look forward to this time of disconnection with tech and a deeper inner presence. 

Turn Inward as Your Tea Steeps

While your tea steeps, you have options for how you’d like to engage with the practice of waiting. A few common options are taking deep breaths, reciting affirmations out loud or in your head, or even journaling. Any choice is fine here as long as it’s rooted in self-love and compassion. 

If you’d like to change what you do during this time from ceremony to ceremony, that’s wonderful too. Take a moment to check in with your mind and body about what would be helpful for each individual ceremony, and give yourself permission to adapt to those needs each time. 

Stay Consistent in Your Practice

Lastly, you’ll reap more of the self-care and ritualistic rewards if you hold consistent tea ceremonies. You can decide the cadence that works best for you, whether that’s daily, weekly, or even monthly. The key is to approach your tea ceremonies as sacred time that you get to commit to only yourself, and to protect that time accordingly. 

Final Thoughts

Tea ceremonies are an effective route to bringing more self-care and inner awareness to your day. Try incorporating the steps above to create a tea ceremony that works well in your own life. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! 


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