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How to Cleanse Your Spiritual Energy with a Sacred Smudging Ritual

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Our universe is filled with energies, both good and bad. We may begin to accumulate those energies within our bodies, homes, and sacred spaces throughout life. Traditional cultures worldwide have used smoke for cleansing these energies and harnessing greater positivity, spirituality, mindfulness, and peace through sacred smudging rituals.

Smudging is an important cleansing ritual for deepening your spiritual practice, activating your meditation, and promoting overall healing. See below to learn more about this sacred practice and how you can bring the power of smudging into your own life.
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What is Smudging?

Smudging is the practice of burning herbal materials that are often wrapped into bundles for spiritual purposes. This practice originated from Native American ceremonial rituals and is also known as the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing. Smudging is often used to cleanse negative energies, send away dark spirits, and restore balance to a person, space, or community.
Cleansing smoke rituals are used around the world, from India to South America. Smoke has potent spiritual energy because of its light and airy nature, giving it the ability to ascend to the heavens and bring our prayers and energies along with it.
5 Simple Steps to Perform a Sacred Smudging Ritual
Approaching a smudging ritual is a sacred act, and it is essential to begin this practice with the right intentions
and maintain a meditative mindset throughout the ceremony. Before you start, you will need the following
  • A smudging stick that you created or purchased. Sage is most commonly used, but other herbs can also be used depending on the ritual's intention.
  • A bowl of sand for when you are ready to extinguish the smudging stick safely.
  • A ceramic smudging bowl to hold underneath the smudging stick throughout the ceremony.
  • A lighter, a candle, or matches to light the smudging stick and keep it lit throughout the ritual.


Palo santo smudging
Once you have collected the materials, follow the 5 simple steps below to start your smudging ritual:
1. Take a moment to center yourself. You may choose to meditate for a few minutes to calm your mind and begin the internal cleansing process. You can also use this time to set an intention for the smudging ritual.
2. Light the end of your smudging stick and hold the ceramic bowl underneath it to catch any falling ash.
3. Slowly walk around the space that you are smudging and allow the smoke to drift throughout the area. Traditionally, you would move in a clockwise direction around the room. You may also chant mantras throughout the practice to further spread cleansing energy in the space.
4. Once you have spread smoke throughout the entire space, return to your starting place and take a moment to revisit your intention or mantra and visualize the area filled with bright cleansing light.
5. When you are ready to complete the ritual, extinguish the end of the smudging stick into the bowl of sand.
Get Started on Your Spiritual Healing Journey
Smudging is a powerful spiritually healing and cleansing ritual, and it will surely bring greater balance to your body, mind, space, and life. So, try out a smudging ceremony today and begin gaining the many benefits of this practice in your own life!
To help you get started, make sure to check out our high-quality organic white sage and handmade ceramic smudging bowl.
All of our items are carefully crafted to help you deepen the spiritual potency of your sacred rituals, allowing you to harness the full benefits of this practice without any of the toxic chemicals.

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