Palo Santo Hand-Rolled Incense Stick | 7 sticks

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Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens)

  • Also known as "Holy Wood".
  • Utilized by Indigenous Amazonian and Andean healers in sacred rituals for purification, attracting positive energy, and fostering peace.
  • Hand-rolled in Peru 
  • Emphasizes a 100% natural composition without chemical ingredients.

Pine · Mint · Lemon · Fireplace · Sweet

Sawdust from Palo Santo wood, Palo Santo resin, and vegetable gum.

* 100% natural composition with no chemical ingredients

- 7 Sticks (8.0" x 0.2" x 0.2") & (0.06 oz each) - Burning time : 45 min * All dimensions, weights, and burn times are approximate, actual product may vary.

1. Hold at an angle pointing downward.
2. Once the tip is lit, blow out the flame to produce only smoke.
3. Place the incense holder in an incense burner and allow the incense to last for a while.
4. Extinguish in sand when done.

1. Do not leave unattended while using fire.
2. Avoid flammable materials.
3. Do not smudge around pregnant women, kids, or people with asthma or epilepsy.
4. Take responsibility at your own risk.

Customer Reviews

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Smells great and lasts

Tara Crowley
Great scent.

I love the earthy scent of this incense. It does get too intense about half way through so a snub it out and save the rest for another day. I used to burn pinon years ago and this is similar I think. Feels like I'm in the Southwest digging that Santa Fe vibe.

Kathryn Albus
My New Favorite

I love burning this when I want the scent to last longer than a traditional piece of palo santo wood. The scent profile is "Pine · Mint · Lemon · Fireplace · Sweet" and I absolutely love that it offers a more complex experience. It smells incredible and calms my mind and spirit.

Ash W
Wonderful way to enlighten your senses

The incense sticks are a wonderful alternative to the usual Palo Santo wood. Very nice slow burn.

One Happy Customer

This is my new favorite incense! It smells amazing and burns slow.