Lavender Hand-Rolled Incense Stick | 7 sticks

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Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia)

  • Known for relaxing, cleansing, and purifying properties.
  • Historical use by nurses during World War II for its antiseptic qualities; they burned dried lavender to purify the air and attract positive energy.
  • Hand-rolled in Peru 

Herbaceous, Woody, Sweet, Balsamic

Lavender flower powder, Sawdust of Palo Santo wood, Vegetable gum, and Bamboo sticks

- 7 Sticks (8.0" x 0.15" x 0.15") & (0.06 oz each) - Burning time : 45 min * All dimensions, weights, and burn times are approximate, actual product may vary.

1. Hold at an angle pointing downward.
2. Once the tip is lit, blow out the flame to produce only smoke.
3. Place the incense holder in an incense burner and allow the incense to last for a while.
4. Extinguish in sand when done.

1. Do not leave unattended while using fire.
2. Avoid flammable materials.
3. Do not smudge around pregnant women, kids, or people with asthma or epilepsy.
4. Take responsibility at your own risk.

Customer Reviews

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Leiah Jetter
My Favorite Incense Ever

This incense burns beautifully, smells wonderfully sweet and earthy, and it perfectly sets the mood for any meditation and journaling session I do. I also love the lingering scent that stays in the room after the stick is gone. Perhaps my favorite thing about this incense is that the people who provide it are responsive, care about their customers, and have repeatedly gone the extra mile to make me feel like I matter. I feel honored to be able to use these products.