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The Power of Suncatchers in Rituals

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Suncatchers are visually stunning ornament to beautify a space or room. They are best placed in a sunny position, such as hanging in a window or in a garden area. As the suns rays hit, they will not just reflect, but ‘catch’ the light, fragment it and scatter it around the room. A suncatcher has the ability to transform any space with what can be likened to ‘dancing rainbows’.
However not only are suncatchers visually beautiful, but they are also a powerful energetic tool in spiritual rituals and Feng Shui.

How can you introduce Suncatchers into daily ritual?

Cleansing and transmuting energy:

There are two aspects to your Suncatcher. The first being the catching and fragmenting of the light to create ‘rainbows’ and brighten up a room. The second being the energy of the crystals that have been used to create the suncatcher. Each type of crystal holds it’s own energy and healing powers. So while the lights and colours are energizing and uplifting, the crystals are working alongside them to amplify this beautiful energy.

Setting Intentions:

You can set intentions for your Suncatcher simply by holding it in your hand and speaking out loud how you would like the suncatcher to aid you in every day life. Examples may be to transmute some negative energy or attract wealth. As above each type of crystal holds it’s own unique power so intentions are something to remember when you are choosing your suncatcher.


Uplift your mediation space by introducing a suncatchers into your sacred space. No matter what your usual meditation practise is, you can use this meditation time to ‘bathe’ in the light and colours and the positive chi energy that it creates.

Sun Salutes:

Surya Namaskar, aka the official Sanskrit name for sun salutations, is a sequence of yoga poses. Surya means “sun,” and Namaskar means “to bow down to” or “show gratitude.” In ancient tradition, sun salutations were used by Hindus during morning prayer and worship rituals. Using suncatchers in a sun salute ritual is an extremely fitting and a powerful way to set up your day. 

Protection against negative or unwanted energy:

Positioned in places such as entranceways suncatchers can act as protector against negative and unwanted energy. Bedrooms are another area where you can use them for protection, including protection in dreams, promoting a peaceful sleep.

Balancing dark or chaotic energy:

When corners of the home are dark or have become uncluttered we can all become aware of the energy feeling a bit flat or even chaotic. Placing a suncatcher in these area’s can help break up that energy in the short term until a long term solution is found.

Slowing down:

Sometimes Chi Energy can rush in creating imbalances in energy and therefore emotions. Suncatchers placed in area’s such as bedrooms, entrance ways and living rooms can help slow down the energy, balancing out emotions and creating more peace and harmony within the home.


Introducing positive ritual into your daily life it honours the sanctity of your space and time and a beautiful way to promote self love; rebalance body, mind and soul and reconnect with our higher self and other spiritual realms. How you use your suncatcher in these rituals is an intuitive process that should align with your heart speak and beliefs, all the while never forgetting to have fun.

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