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Cultivate Your Self Love : How our new roller and rituals can help you on your journey inward

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At Cedar & Myrrh, our healing journey begins with collecting essences from Mother Earth to use in our rituals. Although our offerings have helped create many beautiful and sacred practices around your home, the true sanctuary lies within. 
When we think about healing, it begins with the Self. Connecting with the body is our first love. It is about creating the space to show up for ourselves and learning to cultivate more self-love and compassion. Our capacity to love others begins with finding ways to love ourselves first. When we can hold this space for ourselves, only then can we be the space to love and hold others. 
Skincare is also self-care; it creates the space to love and nurture the vessel that houses our spirit. Taking the time to check in with ourselves offers deep healing because it allows us to rest. Often, we are all too busy taking care of others that we've forgotten what it means to rest, which is essential to our well-being. Rest doesn't necessarily mean having a full night's sleep— rather, it is about finding ways to reconnect and care for your body. A gentle face massage, journaling a few minutes each day, soaking in a bath rather than a shower, or taking longer walks in nature are all forms of rest and self-care. 
Learning from our ancestors
Our ancestors have been using self-care rituals to reconnect with the mind and body for centuries. At Cedar & Myrrh, we love sharing ancient self-care and healing practices with our beloved community. This is why we've introduced two healing rituals into our collection using the new Cryo Roller and Rose Quartz Roller. 
Cedar & Myrrh Cryo Roller
Cryotherapy dates back to the Egyptians, who used cold temperatures to treat skin injuries and inflammations. 
Cryotherapy meets Massage 
Our Cryo Massage Roller combines the benefits of cryotherapy with traditional massage balls to help soothe, detoxify and improve skin tone, as well as providing anti-inflammatory and calming benefits.
Made from professional-grade stainless steel, the Cryo roller harnesses the natural power of cooling temperatures to visibly rejuvenate the skin, tighten pores, and enhance skincare absorption. This roller's design is unique as it molds easily to the natural contours of the face, helping to sculpt and tighten the skin for a more radiant, youthful appearance. 
We recommend placing the cryo rollers in the freezer 1 hour before starting your ritual. 
When chilled, the cooling temperatures and massage movements can stimulate collagen production and flush out toxins through the lymphatic drainage system. You can also use it over a hydrating face mask, moisturizer, or face oil for deeper skincare absorption. 
Cryo Rituals
Try our Lymphatic Drainage Cryo Face Ritual for instructions. 
Cedar & Myrrh Rose Quartz Roller
Ancient civilizations have used crystals for their healing powers. The Ancient Romans, Egyptians, and Greek civilizations have used quartz crystals as potent talismans. By the 17th century, the jade face roller was born in China and was traditionally used by the Empress herself. 
Just as exercise can tone your body, the rose quartz roller can also help tone your face by boosting circulation, improving skin elasticity, and promoting cell turnover for a brighter and healthier complexion. The stone's rolling motion on the skin helps to clear out toxins, decrease puffiness, stimulate collagen, tighten pores, and improve inflammatory skin conditions.
Rose Quartz Roller
Rose Quartz: The Stone of Pure Love
Although you'll find face rollers with different healing crystals, we chose Rose Quartz because it is considered the most powerful healing stone that emanates unconditional love, compassion and joy. Rose quartz retains its coolness, while jade tends to warm quickly when adapted to skin. Rose quartz is also well known for its wrinkle-reducing and collagen stimulating benefits. 
Our Premium Rose Quartz comes from Africa's east region and has been carefully selected from FDA approved sources. We named our Rose Quartz Facial Roller: "Love Yourself". Our Rose Quartz face roller is also travel size friendly, which means you can also enjoy this special ritual anywhere and on-the-go. 

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