Sleep Better Ritual Kit

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A sleep better ritual kit includes:
  • Me Time Massage Balm, 1 piece 
  • BONNE NUIT Aromatherapy Roller, 1 bottle

1. Massage Balm

  • Aids muscle relaxation, alleviates aches and pains, enhances blood circulation
  • Fosters a deeper connection and balance between body, mind, and spirit

2. Aromatherapy Roller:

  • Scent stimulates the nervous system, signaling the brain to unwind and relax.

1 oz / 30g of balm, 0.34 fl oz / 10 ml of the aromatherapy roller

Customer Reviews

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Stellar product with beautiful packaging

Been using this every night since I got it. It came with beautiful packaging and quality is the top-notch. I found lavender fragrance often can be too powerful or too subtle. but this ritual kit is well-balanced and you can tell it’s made with good-quality ingredients.