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How to Sleep Better

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Creating a soothing night time ritual will help coax both mind and body into beautiful state of relaxation and in turn a deep peaceful sleep. Sleeping is the time when our body does most of it’s healing and rejuvenation. Metaphysically speaking it is also a time where we can connect with other realms.
As humans we instinctively love routines or rituals as it creates safety. Introducing rituals may take some conscious effort at first but after some consistency it will become second nature, just like brushing your teeth. A helpful tip is to introduce things slowly, so that the process is not overwhelming.
When we are creating sleep rituals, we want to focus on what will help to calm the five senses which will, in turn, calm the mind. Decreasing sensory input an hour or so before we go to sleep is very important, it gives our minds the chance to wind down. Create a beautiful peaceful place to sleep with limited electronics. Think of your bedroom as your sanctuary!

Here are a few rituals to help us get into a beautiful and relaxed dream state:

Gentle Massage

Massage helps relax the muscles, sooth aches & pains, improves blood circulation and provides a deeper connection and balance between our body, mind, and spirit. When we think about massage we often think about visiting a massage practitioner, however, self-massage is also an effective and relaxing form of massage. Invest in a beautiful massage balm with both warming and cooling properties, a moisturizing oil and soothing scents such as the Cedar and Myrrh ME TIME Self-Massage Balm. Use your thumbs or whatever feels comfortable for you, giving particular attention to area’s that are holding any discomfort or tension.


When you use aromatherapy the scent stimulates the nervous system sending signals to the brain that it’s time to relax. Ways you can use aromatherapy is in candles, diffusers, or applying aromatherapy oils to pressure points. Sandalwood, frankincense, chamomile and lavender are beautiful soothing scents and using a roller is an easy way to apply. Simply roll over the pulse points on wrists and neck, and even your third eye. Another way is to apply to your palms, rub your hands together until warm and bring to the nose and inhale deeply. While exhaling, push your hands away and repeat as needed.

Cacao or Tea Ceremony

Having an intention cup of Cacao or Tea is a beautiful and warming way to wind down and both also hold powerful and sacred healing properties. Make sure that you put aside any devices or other distractions before you begin to prepare the beverage. Enjoy the process of preparing as part of the ritual, gently stirring and heating your Cacao or steeping your tea leaves using a tea strainer. Use this time to set an intention for your ceremony. Once it is ready to enjoy, savour the warmth, smell and taste. Turn inwards for any thoughts or guidance. Introducing a journal is also a great tool to add into this ritual. Or simply just be.

As the famous quote by Charlotte Bronte goes – “A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow”. Creating rituals at bed time is key.

Better sleep everyone.

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